Dispute Resolution

Quite simply, dispute resolution is the resolution of a dispute between two or more parties.

We often assist our clients to resolve Trust or Estate disputes.  For example, this could be  where two Trustees cannot agree on an action for a Trust or a Beneficiary of an Estate believes that an Executor hasn’t administered an Estate in accordance with a Will.

It is usually most cost effective for all parties to resolve these matters without the need for the Court to intervene, and this is always our aim.

We can assist with these matters.  It would start with a full review of the matter, including all paperwork provided.  We will then provide a letter of recommendation to set out the best course of action.  We will keep you regularly informed on the progress of your matter.

Please note that Executors, Trustees, Beneficiaries and other Claimants should take separate legal advice.

Our fee for this services is charged on an hourly rate basis which is currently £250 – £350 plus VAT per hour plus disbursements

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